Unlocking Success Through Teamwork

AK Engineering firmly believe that the strength of any successful endeavor lies in the power of collaboration and teamwork. For 10 + years, our company has thrived on the principles of unity, shared vision, and collective effort.

AK Engineering

As a leading mechanical construction company, we take pride in crafting precision, durability, and innovation into every project.

Mechanical Construction

At AK Engineering, we're more than just mechanical construction experts, we're the architects of comfort, safety, and efficiency.

Our Quality Is Our Pride

At AK Engineering, quality isn't just a standard, it's our source of pride. We've made it our mission to deliver services that exude excellence and exceed expectations.


We embrace cutting-edge technologies to deliver efficient and environmentally responsible solutions, driving progress in the industry.

About AK Engineering

AK Engineering, one of the best engineering service providers in the country with 100+ skilled engineers and 500+ other workers. We provide services to build sustainable, reliable and cost-effective solutions for different sectors like Civil, Mechanical and Construction

A proven Leader in Engineering! AK Engineering is not a company, it is a culture!

Our Expertise

Why Choose Us

We are a family owned and operated business. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We are committed to continuing education to ensure that our skills are up to date and qualified to service your needs..

Integrated Approach

Our knowledgeable teams can execute the project, from concept to initial operations. We add valuable expertise throughout all project phases.

Distributed Expertise

No organization can seemingly hire all the expertise to answer every problem. We realize this and turn it into our advantage by using distributed expertise model.

Modern Technologies

The use of standardized processes to assemble as much as possible off-site before completing the projects on site can cut down on costs and lead time..

Flash Delivery

With our vast expertise in project handling, we make sure you get top-notch solutions with swift turnarounds that suit your deadlines.

Our Services

It exclusively specializes in Liquefied natural gas (LNG) Mechanical Works. Over the past 10 years, AK Engineering has undertaken hundreds of projects in identifying the client's needs and sufficing to the same with 100% success rate each time..


Our complete support service includes Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering, Piping Engineering and Structural Engineering.

Mechanical Construction

The Mechanical works provided by us make use of highly advanced machines and technology. The works are provided by a team of highly experienced professional Technicians and Engineers on the basis of the requirements of clients.p>

Civil Construction

AK Engineering offers Civil Engineering Design, Project Management, Construction and Maintenance Services of Industrial and Infrastructure projects in the public and private sector.


AK Engineering is dedicated to planning and managing the Operation & Maintenance Services to ensure that the safe operational performance is optimized, and that the availability is maximized.

News & Event

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Our Clients

Meet our clients. We believe in not just providing a service to our clients but also forming a relationship based on understanding our client's needs.

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